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Stephen "Seven" Hudson, a visionary born with the innate gift of creativity, embarked on his artistic journey from a tender age. Displaying an unwavering passion for honing his talents, he took the stage by storm, producing captivating fashion and dance shows since his senior year in high school.

His artistic evolution continued to flourish, shaping him into a seasoned Hair and Make-Up Artist with an impeccable eye for detail. Over the past nine years, Stephen has seamlessly woven his magic within salon walls and beyond. His expertise extends to editorial photoshoots, commercial and advertisement ventures, film and television projects, and the heartfelt moments of weddings and personal events.

Not content with just crafting beauty, Stephen has embraced the role of a platform educator for Red Pro by Kiss since 2012. Collaborating with industry luminaries such as Janel "Cocoa Mane" Sealy-Smith, Gocha Hawkins, and Danessa Myricks, he imparts his knowledge and passion to the next generation of beauty enthusiasts.

Driven by an unyielding talent, indomitable drive, and ambitious aspirations, Stephen is reshaping the beauty industry from the inside out. At the age of 26, he remains on an upward trajectory, continually expanding his knowledge base and skill set. As the manager and senior stylist at Suite Life Salon and Spa in Freeport, Long Island, he orchestrates a harmonious blend of management prowess and creative finesse.

Simultaneously, Stephen is charting his own course, manifesting his artistic vision through his brand, Beauty by Stephen. Beyond the realm of traditional beauty arts, he has ventured into photography, skillfully capturing his unique perspective and sharing it under the hashtag #BeautyxStephen—a vibe that stands on its own, resonating with creativity and authenticity.

His talents have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by multiple features in Essence Magazine and other prestigious fashion and lifestyle platforms. With nine years of experience in the beauty industry, Stephen "Seven Knows" Hudson is not just a stylist; he is a multifaceted beauty industry mogul in the making. As he continues to evolve, the best is undoubtedly yet to come.

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